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How can I migrate my Nios II processor design to the Nios II Gen 2 processor?


The Nios® II Gen 2 processor is introduced in the Quartus® II software version 14.0. A migration script is provided for users to migrate from the Nios II processor to the Nios II Gen 2 processor.  


To migrate your existing Qsys design to the Nios II Gen 2 processor, follow these steps:

  1. Download “nios2_gen2_migration.tcl" and put the script in your project directory
  2. Run Nios II Command Shell in Window system or Console in Linux System
  3. Browse to your project directory and run below command:
    • qsys-script --script= nios2_gen2_migration.tcl --system-file=<qsys_file>.qsys
  4. Regenerate Qsys and recompile your project after appling the TCL script in Quartus II and run “generate bsp-editor” in Nios II EDS.