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Can I create my own customer preset when using DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM controller with UniPHY?


Yes. From Quartus® II 12.0, you can create your own customer preset named as .qprs when using DDR2 and DDR3 controller with UniPHY.


When you complete the parameter settings of all panels in IP GUI, you can save the settings as your own preset by the following steps:

1.    Click New button at the bottom of the Presets list.

2.    Enter Preset name in New Preset Window. For example, <mypreset>.

3.    Preset description is optional.

4.    Click Save button and then <mypreset>.qprs is generated.


If you want to use your own customer preset in another project, you can put <mypreset>.qprs in the project directory and then it will appear in preset list.


Quartus II release version before 12.0 doesn’t support this feature.