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What are the options to download and install the Altera Complete Design Suite (ACDS) version 10.0?


You can download and install the ACDS version 10.0 from the Altera Download Center with the following options:

Altera Installer

The Altera Installer is an on-demand installation manager that allows you to download and install Altera® software using a GUI or at the command line. An Internet connection is required during the download and installation process. The Altera Installer supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.


  • The Altera Installer supports only basic authentication-based proxy servers at this time. NTLM-based proxy servers are not supported and may cause the Altera Installer to hang. Consult your system administrator to check whether your proxy server is NTLM-based.
  • If your proxy server requires NTLM-based authentication, you can download and install the ACDS version 10.0 using individual software files instead.

Individual Software File

An individual software file contains a self-extracting installation executable file for an Altera software . For example, 10.0_quartus_windows.exe and 10.0_quartus_linux.sh are self-extracting installation files for the Quartus® II software for Windows and Linux operating systems respectively. After downloading, an Internet connection is not required during the installation process. Individual software files are available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.


  • If you install the software using an individual software file, the extraction process time for the installation file may vary depending on the file size.
  • The extraction process runs in the background. When the extraction completes, the installation GUI launches automatically to install the Altera software. Wait for this GUI to appear to start the installation process.

Altera recommends downloading and installing the ACDS version 10.0 using the Altera Installer. If you have trouble downloading the Altera software using the Altera Installer, you can use the individual software files to download the individual Altera software. If the problem still persists, you can use the following FTP links for the Quartus II software version 10.0.

Please contact Altera Technical support via mySupport to request FTP links for other Altera software.

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