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Last Modified: February 13, 2006

How can I keep the MAX+PLUS<font size="-1"><sup>&reg;</sup></font>&nbsp;II software from probing all the parallel ports when checking for the hardware key?


The following methods keep the MAX+PLUS II software from checking for all the parallel ports.

  • Insert the following line in the maxplus2.ini file:
    GUARD_PORT= <#>
    # = 1, 2, 3, or 4
    The number represents the location of the guard on the parallel port; i.e., 1 = LPT1, 2 = LPT2, etc.
  • In a Windows 95 system, the MAX+PLUS II software directly addresses the ports when making a port query. The sentinel driver designed for Windows 95 systems allows the query to be directed to the driver software rather than directly addressing the port. In order to specify which ports are probed, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the maxplus2/drivers/Win95 directory
    2. Click on the Sent95w.exe icon
    3. Click on Functions, and then Install Sentinel Driver
    4. When the installation is complete, click on Functions, and then Configure Sentinel Driver
    5. Specify which port the key is located on
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