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Why do I receive a "Programming Hardware is not installed" or "Can't find programming hardware 'LP6 + PL-MPU' at address 280" message when I try to select the hardware type even though I have the proper drivers and hardware installed? (Windows NT, Windows 98)


You may receive one of these messages if the MAX+PLUS® II software cannot find or write to the maxplus2.ini file. Ensure that there is a valid maxplus2.ini file in the the MAX+PLUS II software installation directory and that the user has write permissions to it. If you are running a network copy of the MAX+PLUS II software (i.e., the installation is on a network resource, not the local computer), see the MAX+PLUS II Help topic on "Creating & Using a Local Copy of the maxplus2.ini File" for instructions on how to setup a local copy of the maxplus2.ini file.