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Why does my Quartus II software download fail with the Internet Explorer 6 or the Internet Explorer 7 browser?


You may see problems when downloading Quartus® II software installation files of sizes above 1.8 GB from the Altera website when not using the download manager. This is due to a known issue with the Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7, and large file downloads.

Refer to the following Microsoft Help and Support solution for information about this issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/298618

To work around this issue, use the download manager to download the Quartus II software.

If you are unable to use the download manager or you still encounter problems with the download manager, use one of the following solutions:

  • Download the Quartus II software using Internet Explorer 7 and above.
  • Try using the Altera Installer to avoid the problem with Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7.

Please contact Altera Technical Support using mySupport for further support.