Device Family: Stratix® IV GX

Type: Answers

Area: Component, EMIF

Is there any known issue when using altdq_dqs megafunction as RLDRAMII mode in Quartus II 11.1SP2?


Yes. When you use altdq_dqs megafunction and set “RLDRAMII mode” as “x18” or “x36” in Parameter Settings page, you may find the port width of dqs_bus_out in the IP top file is mismatched.

Declaration of dqs_bus_out in IP top file is

output   [0:0]  dqs_bus_out;


The expected declaration of dqs_bus_out should be:  

output   [1:0]  dqs_bus_out;


As a workaround, please change the port width of dqs_bus_out manually. This issue will be fixed in  Quartus® II software future version.



output   [0:0]  dqs_bus_out;




output   [1:0]  dqs_bus_out;