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How can I convert .sof to .pof when the configuration device for Parallel Flash Loader (PFL) is a Quad SPI (EPCQ)?


The PFL supports Quad-SPI flash configuration devices. However, when you convert SRAM Object File (.sof)  to Programmer Object File (.pof) for passive serial (PS) mode or Fast Passive Parallel (FPP) mode using the Convert Programming File utility, you will not be able to see any Quad SPI flash devices in the "Configuration device" drop-down list.


When using a Quad SPI device, you can select the equivalent density of a CFI flash device from the "Configuration device" drop-down list.  For example, the .pof for a 256Mb CFI Flash generated in the Quartus® II software can be used to program a 256Mb Quad SPI flash device.