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IP Product: Renewal RLDRAM II Controller with UniPHY

Why is there a "reserved_mem_reserved_pins_for_dk_group" pin in RLDRAM II-UniPHY based controller in the Stratix V device?


When you generate an RLDRAM II controller using Nios II-based sequencer, the MegaWizard™ will generate the top level IP module with the 2-bit wide signal reserved_mem_reserved_pins_for_dk_group.

This signal serves no functional purpose but is needed to allow the dk pins to be assigned to a DQ group. In the Nios II-based sequencer instantiation, the dk pins must exist in a DQ group in order to access hardware required for calibration.

You need to bring the reserved_mem_reserved_pins_for_dk_group signal up to the top level and connect it to a DQ pin in a x4 DQS group but there is no need to connect it to anything external to the FPGA as these pins serve no purpose.


The reserved_mem_reserved_pins_for_dk_group signal is removed beginning with the Quartus® II software version 11.1.