Device Family: Cyclone® II

Type: Answers

Area: Tools

How do I find out the cause and resolution to ModelSim vsim errors?


ModelSim® error and warning messages are tagged with a vsim code. To find out the cause and resolution for a vsim error or warning, use the verror command.

For example, ModelSim may display the following error message:

# ** Error: (vsim-19) Failed to access library 'work' at "work".

To find the cause of and resolution to this error, use the following verror command at the ModelSim command prompt:

verror 19;

ModelSim returns the following message:

# common Message # 19:
# The specified library could not be accessed at the specified location.
# Verify that the directory exists, that it contains the ModelSim library,
# and that you have the correct permissions for accessing it.
# Also make sure that the _info file in the library has the correct
# access permissions.
# This message might be followed by another message that gives more information
# about the problem.
# The vlib command creates ModelSim libraries. The vmap command maps
# logical library names to physical library locations. Use the vmap
# command without arguments to find out how all of your libraries are
# mapped.
# One way this problem can occur is if the mapping for the library in
# your modelsim.ini file contains an environment variable that is not set
# in your environment.