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Network licensing error: the software guard cannot be read (MAX+PLUS® II, Windows NT)


The MAX+PLUS II software can not recognize your software guard if Plug and Play mode is enabled for your parallel port.

To fix this problem, change the following settings in the BIOS (different BIOS versions may have different settings -- consult your PC manufacturer):

Enable Plug and Play: No
LPT1 Mode: ECP (Extended Capabilities Port)

Also, ensure your BIOS settings match your Sentinel Driver settings. To find the settings for your Sentinel Driver, go through the following selections:

  • Control Panel
  • Multimedia
  • Devices Tab
  • Other Multimedia Devices
  • Sentinel for i386 Systems
  • Properties
  • Settings

If you have not installed the Sentinel Driver, see the following solution: Why doesn't the MAX+PLUS II software version 9.1 for Windows 95/98 recognize my software guard if it is on my second parallel port (LPT2)?