Device Family: MAX 7000S

Type: Answers

Area: Component

Are the Programmer Object Files (.pof) within the MAXMAX 7000 device family compatible? (MAX 7000E, MAX 7000S, and MAX 7000A)


Use a pre-existing programming file generated for one device to program another device within the same family.

First, the target device must be of the same package and density as the device for which the original programming file was generated.

In addition, when the target device has a greater feature set then the device for which the programming file was created, the MAX+PLUS II software will automatically disable the superset features.

Below is a list of some programming file compatibilities within the MAX+PLUS II software. Although the cross-programming options outlined below are supported, Altera recommends you recompile your source files and generate a new programming file whenever possible such that timing can be verified in the new target device. 3rd party programmers such as BP Microsystems and System General also support these cross-programming options.

The Quartus II software only supports MAX 7000AE .pof cross-programming into MAX 7000B and MAX 3000A cross-programming into MAX 7000AE. All other combinations are not supported by the Quartus II software.

Device for which Prog File was generated Target Device File Types Supported Notes
MAX 3000A MAX 7000AE .pof 1,2
MAX 7000 MAX 7000E/MAX 7000A/MAX 7000S/ MAX 7000AE/ MAX 7000B .pof 1
EPM7032V EPM7032S, EPM7032A, EPM7032AE, EPM7032B .pof 1
MAX 7000A MAX 7000AE/MAX 7000B .pof 1
MAX 7000S MAX 7000A/MAX 7000AE/MAX 7000B .pof 1
MAX 7000E MAX 7000A/MAX 7000AE/MAX 7000S/MAX 7000B .pof 1
MAX 7000AE MAX 7000B .pof 1,2


  1. Supported in MAX+PLUS II software
  2. Supported in Quartus II software