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SDC Constraint Ignored during Quartus Compilation for Stratix V Triple Speed Ethernet Design with IEEE1588 Option


During Quartus compilation of the triple speed ethernet design with the IEEE1588 option enabled, there is a warning in the generated fit.rpt regarding the filter on line 443 in "<tse_instance_name>_constraints.sdc" being ignored.

The filter was ignored because the lines "*|inst_stratixv_hssi_8g_tx_pcs|wys|clkout" and "*|inst_stratixv_hssi_8g_rx_pcs|wys|clocktopld" were not matched with a clock.

This issue will cause uncommon behavior for the data path in hardware.

This issue affects the triple speed ethernet with the IEEE1588 option enabled in ACDS 12.1 of the Stratix V device.


Modify the generated "<tse_instance_name>_constraints.sdc". This sdc file is generated by Qsys and is located at: <working_directory>/<qsys_design_name>/synthesis/submodules Search for the keyword "inst_stratixv_hssi_8g_rx_pcs" on line 463 and replace it with "inst_sv_hssi_8g_rx_pcs". Search for the keyword "inst_stratixv_hssi_8g_tx_pcs" on line 472 and replace it with "inst_sv_hssi_8g_tx_pcs".

This issue will be fixed in ACDS 12.1sp1.�