Device Family: Arria® V

Device Family: Cyclone® V

Type: Answers

Type: Errata

Area: Intellectual Property

LVDS PMA-based Triple Speed Ethernet IP Needs Regeneration from 12.0 to 12.1


The ALT_LVDS_RX megafunction has been instantiated with a rx_cda_reset port, which is not supported by the Arria V and Cyclone V device families.

The error message states that the rx_cda_reset port does not exist. The rx_cda_reset port may have been removed to ease the reset recovery timing for the ALTLVDS_RX.

This issue affects the ALTLVDS_RX in version 12.0 of the Arria V and Cyclone V devices and forces the triple speed ethernet IP to be regenerated in version 12.1.


Regenerate the triple speed ethernet IP in version 12.1.

This issue will be fixed in a future version.