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Intermittent Ethernet Link Failure and Data Corruption when Enable SGMII Bridge Option is set to OFF


Intermittent Ethernet link failure and data corruption occurs when the ’Enable SGMII bridge option’ is set to OFF (1000Base-X Mode) while running any Triple Speed Ethernet variant with a transceiver.

This issue affects all Stratix V, Arria V, and Cyclone V devices.


Use an alternative 1000Base-X mode in a different IP variant:

Generate the Triple Speed Ethernet MegaCore with the ’Enable SGMII bridge option’ set to ON.

Configure the SGMII_ENA and USE_SGMII_AN bit to 0 in the PCS IF_Mode register.

This issue is fixed in version 12.0 of the Triple Speed Ethernet MegaCore function.