Device Family: Intel® Arria® 10

Type: Answers, Errata

Area: EMIF, Intellectual Property

Last Modified: November 13, 2018
Version Found: v15.1
Version Fixed: v16.0
Bug ID: FB323122;

For EMIF Interfaces on Arria 10 Devices, the Duplicate Qsys Button results in an Error Message


If you attempt to duplicate an Arria 10 EMIF Qsys component using the Duplicate Qsys button, errors occur.


The workaround for this situation is as follows:

  1. Change from the current protocol to a different protocol, and then change back to the original protocol.
  2. Qsys automatically connects interfaces that are named the same, but you will have to manually correct these connections.

This problem will be fixed in a future version.