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TOD Synchronizer Does Not Recognize Qsys-Generated Parameter Value


The TOD synchronizer in IEEE 1588v2 designs, using Triple Speed Ethernet, 10GbE MAC, or Low Latency Ethernet MAC, does not recognize certain Qsys-generated parameter values.

When you instantiate and generate the TOD synchronizer in a Qsys design, the generated top level rtl file shows incorrect PERIOD_NSEC and PERIOD_FNSEC parameter values:altera_eth_1588_tod_synchronizer #(.TOD_MODE (1),.SYNC_MODE (2),.PERIOD_NSEC (8),.PERIOD_FNSEC (0)) eth_1588_tod_synchronizer_0 (

This issue is apparent in both simulation and hardware.

This only affects designs using TOD synchronizer with SYNC_MODE of 2.


Edit the parameter values in the generated top level rtl file as in the following:

altera_eth_1588_tod_synchronizer #(.TOD_MODE (1),.SYNC_MODE (2),.PERIOD_NSEC (4\'h8),.PERIOD_FNSEC (16\'h0)) eth_1588_tod_synchronizer_0 (

This issue will be fixed in a future version of the ACDS.