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Can I configure multiple FLEX devices using the BitBlaster or the ByteBlaster cable?


In MAX+PLUS II versions 7.1 and higher, you can configure a chain of FLEX® 8000 or FLEX 10K devices via the BitBlasterTM or ByteBlasterTM cable. MAX+PLUS® II versions 8.0 and higher support configuring a chain of FLEX 6000 devices.

You can configure FLEX devices using two modes: passive serial and IEEE Std. 1149.1 Joint Test Action Group (JTAG). In passive serial mode, you can mix FLEX 10K and FLEX 6000 devices in a single configuration chain. In contrast, FLEX 8000 devices cannot be mixed in a passive serial configuration chain with FLEX 10K or FLEX 6000 devices; they must be in a separate chain. In JTAG mode, all FLEX devices that support the JTAG interface can be mixed in the same configuration chain.