Device Family: Intel® Agilex™, Intel® Stratix® 10

Intel Software: Quartus Prime Pro

Type: Answers

Area: Intellectual Property

Last Modified: July 29, 2020
Version Found: v20.1
Bug ID: 1508031713

Why does the RAM:2-PORT ip fail to generate when using Emulate TDP dual clock mode?


Due to a problem in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Edition software version 20.2 and earlier,  you may see "Error: ram_2port_0.dcfifo_in: "How deep should the FIFO be?" (GUI_Depth) xxx is out of range" when using Emulate TDP dual clock mode of the RAM:2-PORT ip.

This is because the value of "How many words of memory" in Tab Widths/Blk Type is out of range. It can only be set as 2^n (1<n<18) when using Emulate TDP dual clock mode. 



No workaround needed. Set a correct value for the number of words of memory in the Tab Widths/Blk Type, 2^n (1<n<18) when using Emulate TDP dual clock mode.

Future versions of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software are scheduled to be enhanced to generate an error message in IP GUI when the value of words of memory is out of range.