Device Family: Intel® Agilex™, Intel® Stratix® 10 DX

Intel Software: Quartus Prime Pro

Type: Answers

Area: Intellectual Property

Last Modified: October 12, 2020
Version Found: v20.2
Version Fixed: v20.3
Bug ID: 1507971636
IP: Avalon-ST Stratix 10 Hard IP for PCI Express

Error intel_pcie_ptile_ast_0(of type intel_pcie_ptile_ask 2.0.0) must be upgraded for use in ACDS 20.2


Due to a problem with the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software version 20.2, you may see the above error when you launch the Intel® FPGA P-Tile Avalon® Streaming IP for PCI* Express from IP catalog.


This problem is fixed beginning with Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro edition software version 20.3.