Device Family: Intel® Arria® 10, Arria® II, Arria® V, Cyclone® IV, Cyclone® V, Intel® Stratix® 10, Stratix® IV, Stratix® V

Type: Answers

Area: DSP, Intellectual Property

Last Modified: March 12, 2018
Version Found: v17.1
Bug ID: FB: 538307, 532289;

Error (113029): Data size does not match the number of bytes at line in Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) File ".hex" displays when I compile my FFT core design.


Due to a problem in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, you will see the above error message for certain width inputs to your FFT IP core.  Specifically this error will display if you select either 28 or 32 bits as your Data Input or Twiddle Width in the parameterization GUI.


There is no workaround for this problem for 28 or 32 bit widths; selecting smaller widths will avoid the problem.

This problem is scheduled to be fixed in a future Intel® Quartus® Prime software release.