Device Family: Intel® Arria® 10

Type: Answers, Errata

Area: Intellectual Property

Last Modified: May 04, 2017
Version Found: v16.1 Update 2
Version Fixed: v17.0
Bug ID: FB: 434582;
IP: Low Latency 40G 100G Ethernet

Error: alt_eth_ultra_40_0.e40_rx_pll_kr4: "Actual VCO Frequency" (gui_vco_frequency) "625.0" is out of range: "0.0", "600.0"


Due to a problem in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software version 16.1.2 and following, you may see the above error when generating the Low Latency 40G Ethernet KR4 IP core for Arria® 10.


You may safely ignore this error, the IP will still generate and function properly.

This problem is fixed starting in version 17.0 of the Quartus Prime Software.