Device Family: Intel® Arria® 10

Intel Software: Quartus Prime

Type: Answers

Area: HSIO

Version Found: v16.1
Version Fixed: v17.1
Bug ID: 1507529343

Why Triple-Speed Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP for Intel® Arria® 10 can't support transceiver toolkit in Intel® Quartus® Prime 16.1?


Due to software limitation, if you use the Intel® Quartus® Prime software version 16.1 and earlier for Intel® Arria® 10 device, you will not find Triple-Speed Ethernet(TSE) transceiver channels in transceiver toolkit, even you turned on option  'Enable Arria 10 transceiver dynamic reconfiguration' .


To support transceiver toolkit for Triple-Speed Ethernet IP, use the Intel® Quartus® Prime software version 17.1 and later, and turn on option 'Enable Native PHY Debug Master Endpoint' in IP setting.