Device Family: Intel® Agilex™, Intel® Arria® 10 SX, Arria® V ST, Arria® V SX, Cyclone® V SE, Cyclone® V ST, Cyclone® V SX, Intel® Stratix® 10 SX

Intel Software: SoC EDS

Type: Answers

Area: Embedded, SoC FPGA Linux

Version Found: v19.3
Bug ID: 1507720678

What version of the Arm Development Studio 5 (DS-5) software should I use with the Intel Quartus Prime Pro and Standard software versions 19.3 and 19.4?


The Arm Development Studio 5 (DS-5) version 5.29.3 should be used with Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro / Standard software versions 19.3 and 19.4, and can be downloaded from using the links below:

Arm DS-5 Version 5.29.3 for Windows 64-bit (.zip)

Arm DS-5 Version 5.29.3 for Linux 64-bit (.tgz)