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Last Modified: November 30, 2018
Version Found: v17.1
Bug ID: FB: 1408575898;

Why do I get the error “No JTAG hardware available” when running jtagconfig in Linux CentOS or Ubuntu?


If the Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Software or the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™, was installed using the root account in CentOS or Ubuntu, the command jtagconfig may report “No JTAG hardware available” if run from a different account.  See example below.

$ jtagconfig

No JTAG hardware available


Restart the jtag daemon using the following commands:

$ sudo killall -9 jtagd

$ sudo jtagd


Confirm jtagconfig works correctly.  See example below.


1) USB-BlasterII [3-11]                      

  02E660DD   10AX115H1(.|E2|ES)/10AX115H2/..

  020A40DD   5M(1270ZF324|2210Z)/EPM2210