Device Family: Intel® Stratix® 10 SX

Intel Software: Quartus Prime Pro

Type: Answers

Area: Component

Last Modified: September 19, 2018
Version Found: v18.0
Bug ID: FB: 528833;

Why does the Clock Controller application fail to connect to the Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC Development Kit?


You may observe that the Clock Control application shows the 'Connecting to the Target Board' message indefinitely without achieving a successful connection to the Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC Development Kit.


To successfully connect the Clock Control application to the Intel Stratix 10 SoC Development Kit, download the latest Stratix 10 SX SoC Package Installer from the following link and update the firmware of the Intel MAX® 10 device included in the development kit.


You can find the Intel MAX 10 pof file in the following path: <Stratix 10 SX SoC Package Installer>\examples\system_max10\