Nios II Development Kit Version 5.1 Errata

This page lists the known issues in the Nios® II Development Kit Version 5.1, and gives workarounds where appropriate. Issues are grouped in the following categories:

Table of Contents

  • Hardware
    • Nios II Processor Core Updated
    • Peripherals
    • SOPC Builder & Quartus® II Software Updated
    • Host Platform
    • Device
    • Development Boards
    • Download Cables & Debug Hardware
    • Hardware Simulation Updated
  • Software
    • Nios II Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
      • Building Projects
      • Debugging Projects Updated
      • Navigating Projects
    • Toolchain (gcc, gdb, etc.)
    • Target Software Updated
    • Legacy Software Development Kit (SDK
    • Flash Programmer Updated
  • Example Designs Updated
  • Documentation

For new features in this release, see the separate release notes. For revision history of the Nios II processor core, see the Nios II Processor Revision History chapter in the Nios II Processor Reference Handbook (PDF).