Nios II Embedded Design Suite Legacy Tools

Important note: Please read the following section as the Nios II EDS download procedure has changed.

The Nios II EDS is now automatically installed as part of the Quartus Prime or legacy Quartus II software. No additional download is required.

Previous versions of the Nios II EDS as well as legacy tools for Nios II EDS, can be downloaded from the Design Software Archives. The legacy tools for the Nios II EDS tools include:

Release Notes

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Nios® II Processor: To obtain a time-unlimited license file for the Nios II processor, you must purchase either a standalone Nios II processor core license (ordering code: IP-NIOS) or the Embedded IP Suite (ordering code: IPS-EMBEDDED). Contact your local Intel representative to order today.

Micrium MicroC/OS-II RTOS: The Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) includes an evaluation version of Micrium's MicroC/OS-II RTOS for evaluation and prototyping purposes only. To use Micrium's MicroC/OS-II RTOS in commercial shipping products you must purchase a development license for the RTOS, by contacting Micrium directly.

Download Notes

  1. View the following documentation for Nios II EDS installation:


  1. Get release notes, errata sheets, issues, solutions, and general information on the Nios II Embedded Design Suite Support web page.
  2. The Knowledge Base uses natural language-processing technology to search all available technical documentation to answer your questions directly. The Knowledge Base also allows you to ask your exact questions online to solve technical queries.
  3. The Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) section of the Intel Community allows you to find answers to many questions related to the Nios II processor.

Legal Notice

Intel's FPGA IP License Agreement governs the installation and use of the Nios II software. The Software Subscription License Agreement governs the installation and use of Quartus Prime software.