MAX+PLUS II Licensing for Students and University Program Members

You can request license files for the MAX+PLUS® II design software from this web page. To begin, select the desired option in the form below and click Continue. You will be guided through the license request process. Once the process is complete, your license will be sent to you via email.

The support for MAX+PLUS II license is as below:

Supports Does Not Support
  • SVF/Jam 
  • Output 
  • EDIF Output 
  • VHDL Output 
  • Verilog Output 
  • Waveform Entry 
  • EDIF Entry 
  • E+MAX® Devices
  • FLEX 8000 Family
  • MAX 9000 Family
  • FLEX 10K Family
  • FLEX 10KE Family
  • Partitioner Timing-Driven Compilation
  • VHDL Entry
  • Verilog Entry

Legacy Software

(not recommended for new classes)

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MAX+PLUS II Student Edition software Version 10.2, 10.1, or 9.23
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Hard disk volume serial number: Your hard disk volume serial number is an 8-digit hexadecimal number (with an optional hyphen) of the format nnnn-nnnn, where n is any hexadecimal character (e.g., 62E45A74). You can obtain your hard drive volume serial number by typing dir /p at a DOS or command prompt on your PC. Remove the hyphen '-' from your hard disk volume serial number before using it.