Development Kit Licenses - Legacy Kits (Non-RoHS-Compliant)

Activate and Get development Kit License

The development kit licensing and registration process is currently undergoing a change. The new process for getting your license is different than the process documented in the User Guide provided with your development kit.

Follow these steps if you just purchased a development kit and are looking to get your license file for the first time:

Step 1 — Log into Altera's Self Service Licensing Center

Step 2 — Click on the Activate Products text at the bottom of the Self-Service Licensing home page or in the left-hand navigation.

Step 3 —Enter in the serial number provided with your development in the License Activation Code box.

Step 4 — After you activate your development kit, you will see the products (for example SW-QUARTUS-DKE and/or IP-NIOS, or whatever licensed product(s) were included with your development kit. Select the products you would like to activate and click on the activate button. Now follow the steps to license those products to your computer.

Please refer to the Self-Service Licensing Center support documentation if you have any questions.

Get Legacy Development Kit Licenses

For a copy of a legacy development kit license that has expired before January 1, 2009, please enter your Software Guard, NIC, or Host ID (What's This?) and click on the Get License button: