MAX+PLUS II BASELINE Installation Instructions

Before You Install

To install the MAX+PLUS® II BASELINE software, you need the following:

  • The installation file — baseline10_2.exe
  • A license file — license.dat

If you are missing either of these files, download the MAX+PLUS II BASELINE software and get a license file before proceeding.


Installing the Software

If you are comfortable installing the software, skip to Setting up Licensing. MAX+PLUS II BASELINE software version 10.2 is supported on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows NT version 4.0. To install the MAX+PLUS II BASELINE software, perform the steps below. (You may wish to print out these instructions for reference.)

  1. Execute the baseline10_2.exe file. Double-click the file name in Windows Explorer (Windows 98/2000/XP) or Windows NT Explorer (Windows NT version 4.0).
  2. The MAX+PLUS II software installation wizard will launch. In the Welcome page, click Next.
  3. After reading the license agreement, click Yes.
  4. After reading the message in the Information page, click Next.
  5. Enter your name and company in the User Information page and click Next.
  6. Choose the items you wish to install in the Select Components page. The BASELINE software, on-line help, and files will be selected for installation by default.
  7. The BASELINE software installs files into two directories: maxplus2 and max2work. The installation program specifies the c:\maxplus2 and c:\max2work directories by default. If you have a previous installation of MAX+PLUS II software, Altera recommends that you install the MAX+PLUS II BASELINE version 10.1 software into another directory. You can click on the Browse button to create or search for a directory (click OK to save your choice). Click Next when you are finished.
  8. Specify a destination folder for the work directory by clicking Browse and then Next.
  9. Select a program folder in which the installation program will add program icons. The default folder is MAX+PLUS II 10.2 Baseline. Click Next to begin installation.
  10. When installation is complete, you will be back at your desktop. You can view the MAX+PLUS II 10.2 file by selecting it from the MAX+PLUS II 10.2 Baseline menu in the Start menu.
  11. Continue the installation by setting up your license file. When you finish setting up licensing, you will have successfully installed and licensed the MAX+PLUS II BASELINE version 10.2 software.

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