MAX+PLUS II Version 9.11 Update


All MAX+PLUS II software (including MAX+PLUS® II BASELINE Edition Version 10.2 & Student Edition Version 10.2, and MAX+PLUS II Software Updates versions 10.23 through 8.21) will no longer be available after 3/12/2021. MAX+PLUS II software does not include the latest functional and security updates and will not be supported. All versions are provided as is. Intel recommends that users of MAX+PLUS II software uninstall and discontinue use as soon as possible. Users should upgrade to the latest available software version for their device and follow the technical recommendations to help improve security.

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Download MAX+PLUS II Version 9.11 Update
Operating SystemDownload File Size
Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95

Installation Instructions
9_11_pc.exe47 KB
UNIX Common File
Supports Solaris 2.5+, HP-UX 10.2, AIX 4.1+

Installation Instructions
9_11_common.tar.Z23 KB

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System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95
Solaris 2.5+
HP-UX 10.2
AIX 4.1+
Software VersionMAX+PLUS® II 9.01, 9.02, 9.03
  • t1728e09.dmf
  • t1728e12.dmf
  • t1728e14.dmf
  • t250e12.dmf
  • t250e14.dmf
  • t250e16.dmf
  • t2880e09.dmf
  • t2880e12.dmf
  • t2880e14.dmf
  • t4992b13.dmf
  • t4992e11.dmf
  • t4992e12.dmf
  • t4992e14.dmf
  • t6656e11.dmf
  • t6656e13.dmf
  • t6656e14.dmf

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If you have a question or problem that is not answered by the information provided here or in MAX+PLUS® II. Help, please inquire in the mySupport web site.

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Legal Notice

Altera's Software Subscription License Agreement governs installation and use of this software.