MAX+PLUS II Version 9.02 Update

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Download MAX+PLUS II Version 9.02 Update
Operating System Download File Size
Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95

Installation Instructions
902_pc.exe 1.6 MB

System Requirements

Operating System Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Solaris 2.5+
Sun OS 4.1.3+
HP-UX 10.2
AIX 4.1+
Software Version MAX+PLUS® II 9.01, 9.02, 9.03



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Software Update Details

This update can only be used with MAX+PLUS II version 9.01 for PCs or Sun Solaris workstations. Do not use this update with any other version.

You should download and install this update (MAX+PLUS II version 9.02) if you wish to add the following support to MAX+PLUS II version 9.01.

  • Full compilation, timing, and programming support for the following devices:
    • EPF10K100BFC256 (-3, -2, and -1 speed grades)
    • EPF10K30AFC484 (-3, -2, and -1 speed grades)
    • EPF10K30ABC356 (-3, -2, and -1 speed grades)
  • Updated preliminary timing models for EPF10K250A devices

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Software Update Files

The update contains the following files for PCs:


  • f2p.dll
  • partinfo.crf
  • pgdhdlc.drv
  • pgdmpu5.drv
  • pgdmpu6.drv
  • pgdsdlc.drv
  • pgm.dll
  • t4996256.daf
  • t4996256.ddf
  • t250a14.dmf
  • t250a16.dmf
  • t250a19.dmf



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If you have a question or problem that is not answered by the information provided here or in MAX+PLUS® II. Help, please inquire in the mySupport web site.

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Legal Notice

Altera's Software Subscription License Agreement governs installation and use of this software.