8051 Jam Byte-Code Player Version 1.0

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Download the 8051 Jam Byte-Code Player version 1.0
Operating SystemDownloadFile Size
Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95

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System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 95


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Software Details

8051 Jam Byte-Code Player

The 8051 Jam Byte-Code Player is written in the C programming language specifically for the architecture of the 8051 family of microprocessors. Together, the 8051 Jam Byte-Code Player and .jbc files from the supporting vendor allow test and programming algorithms for IEEE 1149.1 Joint Test Action Group (JTAG)-compliant devices to be asserted in devices via the JTAG port using an 8051.

The construction of the 8051 Jam Byte-Code Player permits fast programming times, small programming files, and easy in-field upgrades. Version 1.0 is the first release of the 8051 Jam Byte-Code Player, and it will read Jam Byte-Code (JBC) Files that comply with the Jam Specification version 1.1.

The 8051 Jam Player source code (jbi51.c) is provided as an example port for a specific processor architecture.

jbc2data Utility

Also included with the 8051 Jam Byte-Code Player is the jbc2data conversion utility. This utility converts binary Jam Byte-Code files (.jbc) into a hexadecimal data array. This array can then be included in the source code when storing the JBC file in ROM.

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Installation Instructions

  1. Execute the jam8051.exe file. Double-click the filename in the Windows Explorer (Windows 95/98) or Windows NT Explorer (Windows NT). Or, from the Start menu, choose Run, browse to the directory where you saved the file and run the executable:


    The files will be extracted to the directory that you specify.

  2. Refer to the readme.txt file for more information.


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If you have a question or problem that is not answered by the information provided here, please contact Altera Applications at the mySupport web site.

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Legal Notice

Altera's Software Subscription License Agreement governs the installation and use of this software.