SPICE Models for Intel® FPGAs

SPICE kits enable you to perform system-level simulations for various configurations that make use of Intel® FPGAs. The SPICE kits provide models that support a wide variety of I/O features across process, voltage, and temperature (PVT). Each SPICE kit contains the following information:

  • Encrypted transistor and logic cell library models
  • Encrypted input/output buffer circuit models for single-ended and differential I/O
  • Single-ended and differential sample SPICE decks
  • User guide describing the model usage

Table 1 explains the File Revision Numbering Convention used for downloadable device models on this page.

Table 1. Device Models File Revision Numbering Convention

File Revisions Description
0.x silicon and file in development
1.x pre-silicon file data from silicon model only
The models are designated as "Preliminary" and have not been correlated against physical device operation.
2.x file correlated to actual silicon measurements The models are designated as "Correlated" and have been correlated against physical device operation.
3.x mature product, no more changes likely The models are designated as "Final" and have been correlated against physical device operation. There will not be any planned changes to the models.

Download Device Models

To download device models, read the licensing terms and conditions and click the device model links in the table below.

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Table 2a. Device Models for General-Purpose I/Os and LVDS Pins

Device Family Part
Device Model Model
Intel® Arria® 10 EP10A I/O—Synopsys HSPICE LVDS I/O - arria10_gpio_model_v3p0.zip 3.0 10/2017
3V I/O - arria10_gpio_3vio_model_v3p0.zip 3.0 10/2017
Arria® V GX/GT 5AGX, 5AGT I/O—Synopsys HSPICE arria5_Prelim_gpio_model_v0p3.zip 0.3 05/2013
Arria® II GZ EP2AGZ I/O—Synopsys HSPICE arria2gz_gpio_model.zip 3.0 12/2010
Arria® II GX EP2AGX I/O—Synopsys HSPICE arria2gx_gpio_model.zip 3.0 12/2009
Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX 10CX  I/O—Synopsys HSPICE LVDS I/O - cyclone10gx_gpio_model_v3p0.zip 3.0  10/2017 
3V I/O - cyclone10gx_gpio_3vio_model_v3p0.zip 3.0  10/2017 
Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP  10CL  I/O—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone10lp_gpio_model.zip 3.0  10/2017 
Cyclone® V 5C I/O—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone5_gpio_model_v2p0.zip 2.0 08/2015
Cyclone® IV EP4CGX I/O—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone4_gpio_model_v1p0.zip 1.0 10/2010
Cyclone® III EP3C I/O—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone3_gpio_model.zip 1.0 03/2008
Cyclone® II EP2C I/O—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone2_gpio_model.zip 3.0 01/2006
Cyclone® EP1C I/O—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone_gpio_model.zip 1.1 04/2003
Intel® MAX® 10 10M I/O—Synopsys HSPICE max10_gpio_model_v3p0.zip 3.0 11/2017
ADC HSPICE max10adc_spicemodel.zip 3.0 11/2017
MAX® V 5M I/O—Synopsys HSPICE max5_gpio_model.zip 1.0 12/2010
MAX® II EPM I/O—Synopsys HSPICE max2_gpio_model.zip 2.0 12/2004
Intel® Stratix® 10 GX, SX, MX and TX  I/O—Synopsys HSPICE LVDS IO - stratix10-gpio-model-v3p0.zipNew 3.0 3/2019
3V IO - stratix10-gpio-3vio-encrypted-hspice-model-v3p0.zipNew 3.0  3/2019 
Stratix® V 5S I/O—Synopsys HSPICE stratix5_gpio_model_v1p0.zip 1.0 04/2013
Stratix® IV EP4S I/O—Synopsys HSPICE stratix4_gpio_model.zip 1.0 12/2009
Stratix® III EP3S I/O—Synopsys HSPICE stratix3_gpio_model.zip 1.0 04/2008
Stratix® II GX EP2SGX I/O—Synopsys HSPICE stratix2gx_gpio_model.zip 1.0 08/2006
Stratix® II EP2S I/O—Synopsys HSPICE stratix2_gpio_model.zip 4.0 12/2005
Stratix® GX EP1SGX I/O—Synopsys HSPICE stratix_gpio_model.zip
(Stratix GX FPGAs have the same HSPICE model as Stratix FPGAs)
1.2 01/2003
Stratix® EP1S I/O—Synopsys HSPICE stratix_gpio_model.zip 1.2 01/2003


To download device models, please read the licensing terms and conditions mentioned above.

Table 2b. Device Models for Transceiver Pins

Device Family Part
Device Model Model
Intel® Stratix® 10 L-Tile 10SL Transceiver—IBIS-AMI Please request from support team 1.8 11/2016
Intel® Arria® 10 GX/GT


Transceiver—IBIS-AMI Please request from support team 2.0 10/2016
Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE Please request from support team 1.0 02/2015
Arria® V GX/SX/GT/ST


Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE arria5gxgtsxst_hssi_hspice_models_v1p0.zip 1.0 05/2014
Arria® V GX/GT


Transceiver—IBIS-AMI arria5gxgt_Preliminary_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v0p2.zip 0.2 12/2013
Arria® V GZ 5AGZ

Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE

arria5gz_hssi_hspice_models_v1p0.zip 1.0 09/2012
Transceiver—IBIS-AMI arria5gz_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v1p0.zip 1.0 09/2012
Arria® II GX EP2AGX Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE arria2gx_hssi_hspice_models_v1p0.zip 1.0 01/2011
Transceiver—IBIS-AMI arria2gx_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v0p6.zip 0.6 05/2011
Arria® GX EP1AGX Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE arriagx_hssi_hspice_models_kit_v2p0.zip 2 04/2008
Cyclone® IV GX


Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone4gx_hssi_hspice_model_v1p0.zip 1.0 05/2014
Cyclone® V GX/SX/GT/ST


Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE cyclone5gxsxgtst-hssi-hspice-model-v1p1.zip 1.1 07/2017
Cyclone® V GX/GT


Transceiver—IBIS-AMI cyclone5gxgt_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v1p3.zip 1.3 01/2015
Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX 10CX  Transceiver—IBIS-AMI Please Request from Support Team 1.0  10/2017 
Stratix® V GX/GS 5SGX, 5SGS Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE stratix5gx_hssi_hspice_models_v1p0.zip 1.0 05/2014
Transceiver—IBIS-AMI stratix5gx_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v2p71.zip 2.7.1 02/2015
Stratix® V GT 5SGT

Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE

s5gt_hssi_hspice_model_v0p1.zip  0.1 07/2013
Transceiver—IBIS-AMI stratix5gt_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v0p2.zip 0.2 07/2013
Stratix® IV GT EP4SGT Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE stratix4gt_hssi_hspice_models_kit_v1p0.zip 1.0 12/2009
Transceiver—IBIS-AMI stratix4gt_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v0p5 0.5 07/2013
Stratix® IV GX EP4SGX Transceiver—Mentor Hyperlynx stratix4gx_hssi_eldo_model_v1p0.zip 1.0 01/2010
Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE stratix4gx_hssi_hspice_models_kit_v1p0.zip 1.0 12/2009
Transceiver—Agilent ADS stratix4gx_hssi_ads_models_kit_v1p0.zip 1.0 12/2009
Transceiver—IBIS-AMI stratix4gx_hssi_ibis_ami_models_v0p6.zip 0.6 07/2013
Stratix® II GX EP2SGX Transceiver—Mentor Hyperlynx s2gx_mgc_kit_a1_5_for_HL77_and_HL80.zip 1.5 10/2010
Transceiver—Agilent ADS stratix_ii_gx_ver1p01_user.zip 1.01 07/2008
Transceiver—Cadence Allegro PCB SI Cadence_SIIGX_Kit_0p3.zip 1.0 01/2008
Transceiver—Synopsys HSPICE stratix2gx_hssi_hspice_models_kit_v0p2.zip 0.2 03/2007
Stratix® GX EP1SGX Transceiver Please contact your Intel support
representative to obtain the transceiver models
- -