Browse boundary-scan description language (BSDL) files by specific devices and choose the appropriate device package. The same BSDL file can be used regardless of speed grade or temperature.

IEEE 1149.1 Compliant MAX V BSDL Files (1)
Device Package File Code Version
5M1270Z144-pin TQFP5M1270ZT1441.01
256-pin FineLine BGA5M1270ZF2561.01
324-pin FineLine BGA5M1270ZF3241.01
5M160Z100-Pin Micro FineLine BGA5M160ZM1001.01
100-pin TQFP5M160ZT1001.01
64-pin EQFP5M160ZE641.01
68-pin Micro FineLine BGA5M160ZM681.01
5M2210Z256-pin FineLine BGA5M2210ZF2561.01
324-pin FineLine BGA5M2210ZF3241.01
5M240Z100-Pin Micro FineLine BGA5M240ZM1001.01
100-pin TQFP5M240ZT1001.01
144-pin TQFP5M240ZT1441.01
68-pin Micro FineLine BGA5M240ZM681.01
5M40Z64-pin EQFP5M40ZE641.01
64-pin Micro FineLine BGA5M40ZM641.01
5M570Z100-Pin Micro FineLine BGA5M570ZM1001.01
100-pin TQFP5M570ZT1001.01
144-pin TQFP5M570ZT1441.01
256-pin FineLine BGA5M570ZF2561.01
5M80Z100-pin TQFP5M80ZT1001.01
64-pin EQFP5M80ZE641.01
64-pin Micro FineLine BGA5M80ZM641.01
68-pin Micro FineLine BGA5M80ZM681.01
IEEE 1532 Compliant MAX V BSDL Files (1)
Device Package File Code Version
5M1270Z 144-pin TQFP 5M1270ZT144_1532 1.00
256-pin FineLine BGA 5M1270ZF256_1532 1.00
324-pin FineLine BGA 5M1270ZF324_1532 1.00
5M160Z 100-Pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M160ZM100_1532 1.00
100-pin TQFP 5M160ZT100_1532 1.00
64-pin EQFP 5M160ZE64_1532 1.00
68-pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M160ZM68_1532 1.00
5M2210Z 256-pin FineLine BGA 5M2210ZF256_1532 1.00
324-pin FineLine BGA 5M2210ZF324_1532 1.00
5M240Z 100-Pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M240ZM100_1532 1.00
100-pin TQFP 5M240ZT100_1532 1.00
144-pin TQFP 5M240ZT144_1532 1.00
68-pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M240ZM68_1532 1.00
5M40Z 64-pin EQFP 5M40ZE64_1532 1.00
64-pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M40ZM64_1532 1.00
5M570Z 100-Pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M570ZM100_1532 1.00
100-pin TQFP 5M570ZT100_1532 1.00
144-pin TQFP 5M570ZT144_1532 1.00
256-pin FineLine BGA 5M570ZF256_1532 1.00
5M80Z 100-pin TQFP 5M80ZT100_1532 1.00
64-pin EQFP 5M80ZE64_1532 1.00
64-pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M80ZM64_1532 1.00
68-pin Micro FineLine BGA 5M80ZM68_1532 1.00


1. The BSDL Files are syntax checked using these tools:
  1. JTAG Technologies
  2. ASSET Intertech - Agilent Technologies
  3. Corelis
  4. Goepel electronic
  5. Temento Systems

Questions or concerns about the contents of these files can be directed to Altera's mySupport.

For information on boundary-scan testing, refer to the Related Documents links on Altera BSDL Support