Cyclone IV Device Family BSDL Files

Browse boundary-scan description language (BSDL) files by specific devices and choose the appropriate device package. You can use the same BSDL file regardless of speed grade or temperature. For UBGA packages, you should use the same BSDL files as the FBGA packages.

IEEE 1149.1 Compliant Cyclone IV BSDL Files (1)
Device Package File Code Version
EP4CE10144-pin EQFPEP4CE10E221.01
256-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE10F171.01
EP4CE115484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE115F231.01
780-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE115F291.01
EP4CE15144-pin EQFPEP4CE15E221.01
164-pin MBGAEP4CE15M81.01
256-pin BGAEP4CE15F171.01
484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE15F231.01
EP4CE22144-pin EQFPEP4CE22E221.01
256-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE22F171.01
EP4CE30484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE30F231.01
780-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE30F291.01
EP4CE40484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE40F231.01
780-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE40F291.01
EP4CE55484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE55F231.01
780-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE55F291.01
EP4CE6144-pin EQFPEP4CE6E221.01
256-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE6F171.01
EP4CE75484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE75F231.01
780-pin FineLine BGAEP4CE75F291.01
IEEE 1149.6 Compliant Cyclone IV BSDL Files (1)
Device Package File Code Version
EP4CGX110484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX110CF231.02
672-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX110DF271.02
896-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX110DF311.02
EP4CGX15148-pin QFNEP4CGX15BN111.02
169-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX15BF141.02
EP4CGX150484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX150CF231.02
672-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX150DF271.02
896-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX150DF311.02
EP4CGX22169-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX22BF141.02
324-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX22CF191.02
EP4CGX30169-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX30BF141.02
324-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX30CF191.02
484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX30CF231.03
EP4CGX50484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX50CF231.03
672-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX50DF271.02
EP4CGX75484-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX75CF231.02
672-pin FineLine BGAEP4CGX75DF271.02

Note to Table:

(1) The BSDL Files are syntax checked using these tools:
  1. JTAG Technologies
  2. ASSET Intertech - Agilent Technologies
  3. Corelis
  4. Goepel electronic
  5. Temento Systems

Questions or concerns about the contents of these files, can be directed to Intel Premier Support.

For information on boundary-scan testing, refer to the Intel BSDL Support page.