HiSPi (High-Speed Pixel Interface) Imager Connectivity Design Example

The High-Speed Pixel Interface (HiSPi) design example demonstrates the use of an Cyclone® V FPGA to capture streaming video from an Aptina HiSPi serial interface.  The FPGA receives the pixel data from the imager.


The Design Example performs the following functions: 

  • Configures the Aptina sensor via I2C to output a video pattern over HiSPi
  • Configures the Qsys components via Avalon® Memory-mapped (Avalon-MM) bus
  • Deserializes the HiSPi signals
  • Parses the deserialized stream and extracts active video data
  • Outputs the active video data via an Avalon-ST Video connection
  • Receives and monitors the Avalon-ST Video data, records statistics and detects any errors

Figure 1 – HiSPi Design Example (FPGA Blocks)

Hardware specifications:

  • Cyclone V Development Kit with a 5CGXFC7D6F31C7ES device
  • Terasic AHA-HSMC adapter board Aptina MT9M024 headboard

Software tools used to implement and run the design:

  • Quartus® II version 12.1 software
  • Qsys system design tool
  • System Console debug tool

The design supports the following HiSPi configurations: 

  • HiSPi packetized mode
  • Embedded data is tolerated but discarded
  • 4 lanes and 20 bit pixels: 10 bit HiSPi word size
  • 2 lanes and 14 bit pixels: 14 bit HiSPi word size
  • 2 lanes and 12 bit pixels. 12 bit HiSPi word size
  • HiSPi clock transitions centered between HiSPi data transitions
  • HiSPi SLVS low VCM levels (SLVS power is 0.4 V)

Product Name

Supported Devices

Development Kits Supported

Qsys compliant

Quartus II Version

HiSPi Imager Connectivity Design Example

Cyclone V (GX)

Cyclone V GT FPGA Development Kit



Downloading the Design Example

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  Download the HiSPi Design Example. 



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