Vectored Interrupt Controller

This design example shows how to use the Vectored Interrupt Controller (VIC) with a Nios® II processor in a system design. The VIC provides a higher performance alternative to the default internal interrupt controller (IIC) of the Nios II processor.

The hardware design shows how to hook up a VIC with the Nios II processor. The software example shows how to use the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)-enhanced interrupt application programming interface (API) to register an interrupt handler for a system based on the VIC component. The VIC can be daisy-chained as well if more than one VIC is required in the system.

Hardware Design Specifications

The hardware design used in this example targets the Cyclone® V SoC Development Kit. Key peripherals in this design includes:

  • Nios II/f CPU core
  • VIC
  • 16-KB on-chip RAM
  • Interval timer
  • Performance counter
  • System timer

Using This Design Example

For information on how to run the design example, please refer to Vectored Interrupt Controller Core.

Download the files used in this example:

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