Using NicheStack TCP/IP Stack – Nios® II Edition

This design example shows the use of MicroC/OS-II and NicheStack TCP/IP Stack in Nios® II Software Build Tools for Eclipse (Nios II SBT for Eclipse). It demonstrates a socket server using the NicheStack TCP/IP Stack – Nios II Edition on MicroC/OS-II. The design example consists of a socket server task that listens for commands on a TCP/IP port and dispatches those commands to a set of LED management tasks. This design example is not a complete implementation of a telnet server.

Using This Design Example

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Hardware Requirements

The software examples are designed to run on the Nios II Ethernet Standard design example. The Nios II Ethernet Standard design example page of the Intel website contains the hardware design files for a number of Intel FPGA development boards. Navigate to the web page and locate the Nios II Ethernet Standard design example .zip file that corresponds to your board.

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