Using Tightly Coupled Memory with Nios® II Processor

This design example shows the use of tightly coupled memory in designs that include Nios® II processor. By enabling the processor’s tightly-coupled memory master, Nios II processor gains guaranteed fixed low-latency access to on-chip memory for performance critical applications. This design is provided for the following Intel® FPGA development kits:

  • Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone® III Edition
  • Embedded Systems Development Kit, Cyclone III Edition
  • Stratix® IV GX FPGA Development Kit

Using This Design Example

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Figure 1. Nios II System with Tightly Coupled Instruction and Data Memory

Hardware Requirements

  • Nios II core with tightly coupled master
  • On-chip memory
  • DDRx SDRAM controller
  • System timer
  • High-resolution timer
  • Performance counter
  • LED parallel I/Os (PIOs)
  • System identification (ID) peripheral

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