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This application demonstration highlights several of the advanced features available from the SpectraWorks user interface platform and tools, such as smooth animation, beautiful text in multiple typefaces, dynamically scalable widgets, gestural touch input and the ability to re-skin any application without scripting or making any changes to source code. SpectraWorks decouples your graphical design from the underlying application logic, speeding you application development and giving you the freedom to manipulate the graphical look-and-feel of your application without impacting the underlying application code.

SpectraWorks is an embedded system, user interface (GUI and HMI) technology suite, implemented for the Cyclone® II and Cyclone III FPGAs, and Nios® II embedded processor. SpectraWorks takes advantage of the dynamic nature of an FPGA, scaling with your needs to deliver graphical and animation capabilities all the way from small footprint monochrome displays up through full color 32-bit displays. SpectraWorks will ensure that you get the best graphical display out of your new Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III Edition.

Products utilizing SpectraWorks are shipped today by many top OEMs worldwide, in a variety of market segments, including digital television, digital cameras, set-top boxes, security systems, white goods and military applications. Using SpectraWorks dramatically streamlines the design and development process speeding time-to-market, and producing more flexible, reliable, strongly branded, and cost-effective applications.

SpectraWorks protects your development investment by ensuring you always use the same toolchain and standard “C” application program interfaces throughout your product lines, providing you a clear safe path as your products evolve year-over-year.

Required Hardware and Software

  • Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III Edition
  • Nios II embedded processor
    • Including multiply, divide, data and instruction cache
  • Frame buffer
    • 256 color, RGB565, aRGB1555, 8888 RGBa
    • Any custom color format can also be supported
  • Expected typical DRAM and flash usage
    • 1MB of code space, 1MB of data space, and off-screen frame buffer
    • DRAM and flash memory usage will vary up or down according to the graphics resolution, color depth and complexity of graphics and application

Download This Design Example

This design example ships with the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III Edition. You can download the design example from the Planetweb website.

For support for this Design Example please contact Planetweb.

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