Nios® II 3C120 Microprocessor System with LCD Controller

The Nios® II 3C120 Microprocessor with LCD Controller design example is a complete system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solution that incorporates a rich set of system peripherals and standard interfaces for a wide range of embedded applications involving flicker-free video processing and LCD touch-panel control. This system consists of a Nios II processor, memories, video pipeline, LCD controller, and other peripherals.

This system is targeted to the Embedded Systems Development Kit, Cyclone® III Edition kit. The system provides an interface to the hardware components on the board, such as the DDR2 SDRAM, CFI Flash, SD card, LEDs, push button, DB9 RS-232 connector, Ethernet MAC/10/100 PHY, and the 800 x 240 pixel RGB LCD touch panel.

Downloading the Design Example

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Download the files used in this design example.

Figure 1. Functional Blocks of the Nios II 3C120 Microprocessor System with LCD Controller

System Specifications

The Nios II 3C120 Microprocessor with LCD Controller Data Sheet (PDF) provides the complete and detailed specifications on this system.

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