Altia Red Touch Screen HMI for D/AVE

This design example shows a more advanced touch-screen human-machine interface (HMI) application created with the Altia Design HMI editor and Altia DeepScreen for the TES D/AVE engine.

This sample interface shows a full color, touch-screen HMI created using the Altia Design tool. It has multiple pages, a few buttons, and animations with transparency. The graphics used in the HMI were created in Photoshop and imported directly into Altia Design. The simple behavior of the Altia HMI graphics is defined completely within the Altia tool (no external logic code).

The performance of this demo is greatly increased by using the D/AVE hardware acceleration 2D graphics engine functions from TES. Contact Altia for further details.

This example requires an Ethernet cable connected to the development board's RJ-45 jack and a JTAG connection with the development board. See the readme.txt in the web server example directory for detailed instructions.

Using This Design Example

Required Hardware and Software

Hardware Design Specifications

The hardware design used in this example targets the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III Edition touch screen display. Key peripherals in this design include the following:

Figure 1. Altia tool flow

Download This Design Example

You can download this design example from the Altia website.

Contact Altia for support for this design example.

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Altia Red Touch Screen HMI for D/AVE

Figure 2. Touch Screen HMI example

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