Alternative Nios II Boot Methods

The Alternative Nios® II Boot Methods design example provides two software examples of custom boot copiers for the Nios II processor. The software examples are designed to run on the Nios II Ethernet Standard design example. AN458: Alternative Nios II Boot Methods (PDF) describes the details of the two boot copiers.

Advanced Boot Copier

The advanced boot copier example is designed to provide additional features over the default Nios II boot copier. It supports two separate boot images stored in CFI or EPCS flash devices. The software example is written in C and is heavily commented, making it easy to customize. It supports status messages using a JTAG UART and performs error-checking on the boot image data. It can be run either out of CFI flash or out of on-chip memory.

Small Boot Copier

The small boot copier example is a minimal program designed to use very little program memory. The small boot copier supports only one boot image, does not perform any error checking, and does not support printing messages to the JTAG UART.

Using This Design Example

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Hardware Requirements

The software examples are designed to run on the Nios II Ethernet Standard design example. The Nios II Ethernet Standard design example page of the Intel® website contains the hardware design files for a number of Altera development boards. Navigate to the web page and locate the Nios II Ethernet Standard design example .zip file that corresponds to your board.

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