Enpirion® Power Solutions Reliability

Quality Strategy: Enpirion Power Solutions

  • Product design and manufacturing are based on established industry practices
  • Reliability test are selected on the basis of JEDEC standards and industry practices
  • Products are qualified by families (similarity between products)
  • Manufacturing is outsourced to well established global suppliers to the semiconductor industry
  • All Enpirion series manufacturing partners:
    • ISO9001/TS16949 Certified
    • ISO14001 Certified and RoHS Compliant
    • Sony Green Partners
  • Statistical process controls and monitoring

Quality Controls and Monitoring: Enpirion Power Solutions

  • Supplier Quality Control Mechanisms
    • Product designed to meet supplier design rules
    • Product qualified to supplier processes
    • Monitoring of manufacturing yields
    • Incoming inspection and material control
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC) in manufacturing
    • Quality assurance gates
    • Outgoing inspection and Process Control Monitors (PCM)
    • Change control
    • Final test & QA triggers
  • Quality Audits at Enpirion series vendor sites
  • Long-term Reliability Monitoring (LRM) program
    • Periodic reliability tests administered to ensure manufacturing quality

Reliability Test Procedures: Enpirion Power Solutions

Test Standard Test Condition
High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) JESD22-A108C 125°C, 5.5VIN, 1000 hours
Temperature Humidity Bias with Pre-Conditioning (Note 1) JESD22-A101B 85°C, 85%RH, 5.5VIN, 1000 hours
Accelerated Moisture Resistance Unbiased HAST or Autoclave with Pre-conditioning (Note 1) JESD22-A118B
85%RH, 130°C, 96 hours 100%RH, 121°C, 96 hours
Temperature Cycle with Pre-Conditioning (Note 1) JESD22-A104C –65°C to +150°C / 500 cycles Condition C, Soak Mode 4
High Temperature Storage (HTS) JESD22-A103C 150°C, 1000 hours, Condition B
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) – Human Body Model (HBM) JESD22-A114E 2000V minimum Class 2
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) – Field Induced Charge Device Model (CDM) JESD22-C101C 500V minimum
Latch Up JESD78A Class I & II
Solderability JESD22-B102D Method 1; Lead-Free

Reliability Results: Enpirion Power Solutions

Failure in Time (FIT) rate = 2.5

  • @ 55°C, 0.7eV activation energy, 60% confidence, based on HTOL data collected to date (MTBF ~45,000 years)

Because Enpirion PowerSoC products are designed, validated, and qualified as a system, they offer improved system-level reliability versus more discrete power solutions. The following example shows the system-level reliability improvements when using Enpirion PowerSoC products versus discrete solutions.

Example: Total Power System FITs Comparison
System Power Rails = FPGA (3 rails), Memory (1 rail), I/O (2 rails)

Metric Enpirion PowerSoC Solutions Competitor Discrete Solutions
FITs per rail (includes external passive components) 3.5


Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) per rail 32,600 years

7,900 years

Number of rails 6


Total FITs 21


System MTBF 5,500 years

1,300 years