Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) Legacy Material Declarations

This Material Declaration webpage is maintained for Intel PSG legacy field-programmable gate array (FPGA) products only.  For Stratix10 and newer products released after 2018, the Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) are available at

For further guidance on accessing MDDSs for non-legacy FPGA products, please visit or visit Where to find Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS) Intel® Products.

Intel utilizes the IEC62474 standard for material declarations; however, Intel PSG legacy FPGA products utilize the IPC-1752 version1 and 1752A reporting format for material declaration data exchange between Intel and the downstream supply-chain participants.

To obtain the material declaration for legacy FPGA products, please enter the Intel PSG Legacy FPGA ordering part number and select your desired output type:

Enter Intel PSG Legacy Part Number:
(e.g. EP3C5M164C8N)
Select Output Type:*
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Intel FPGA legacy product material declarations can also be accessed in Joint Article Management Promotion Consortium (JAMP) Article Information Sheet (AIS) format. JAMP is a business-to- business (B2B) information exchange protocol that is established for transferring the information especially on chemical substances contained in the products. JAMP AIS is used to deliver data concerning articles such as “mass”, “part”, “material” and “presence of regulated substances, material name, quantity and concentration per articles” to downstream users. To obtain the material declaration in AIS format, please enter the Intel PSG Legacy Ordering Part Number and select JAMP AIS on the Desired Output Type.

Intel FPGA legacy product material declarations are also available in Compliance Connect format. Compliance Connect is a reporting tool developed by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). To obtain the material declaration in this format, please file a service request at mySupport.