China RoHS

In response to China's promulgation of the "Management Methods for Controlling Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products Regulation", also known as China RoHS, Altera is providing information on the controlled substances contained in our products.

Altera has divided its products into six categories based on the IC packaging. However, if you do not know the IC packaging of the product, please refer to the Altera Device Package Information Datasheet (PDF).

  • Lead-frame packages include the following: PQFP, TQFP, RQFP, SOIC, and PLCC.
  • BGA packages include the following: BGA, FBGA, HBGA, MBGA, and UBGA.
  • The package outline indicates whether the BGA package has a wirebond or flip chip option.
  • A RoHS-compliant part number is denoted by the suffix "N".

With the release of the proposed China RoHS catalog, Key Administrative Catalog for the Pollution Control of Electronic Information Products, on 9 October 2009, Altera is fully aware of the compliance requirements for the devices that will be incorporated into end products such as mobile user terminals, corded and cordless telephone sets and phone terminals, and printers that are connected to computers.

As of today, all of Altera's lead-free non-flip-chip devices (document part number: CR-01005 and CR-01002) are in compliance with the "Restricted Hazardous Substances" requirements.

The RoHS-compliant flip chip (document part number: CR-01006) is covered by Exemption Number 9 under the "Temporary Range of Un-restricted Hazardous Substance" list.

Altera® products are designed to meet long term reliability of telecom, aerospace, and medical applications. Our reliability test results show that Altera products are expected to functionally last for at least 20 years under typical operating conditions. Even though Altera believes that it will take a lot longer than 20 years before any of the RoHS substances are likely to leak out and cause possible harm to health and the environment, Altera determined that an Environmentally Friendly Use Period (EFUP) of 20 years is the most suitable for the China Marking for Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products Standard (SJ/T11364-2006). Currently, China’s Ministry of Information Industry (MII) is drafting an industry standard on how to determine the EFUP value. When that standard is released, Altera will reinvestigate if the current EFUP is still applicable.

If you have any questions, please contact Altera through your myAltera account.

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