Documentation Stratix V White Papers

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White Papers
Radar Processing: FPGAs or GPUs? May 2013 363 KB
Real-Time Challenges and Opportunities in SoCs Mar 2013 1 MB
Achieving SerDes Interoperability on Altera's 28 nm FPGAs Using Introspect ESP
Mar 2013 1 MB
An Independent Evaluation of Floating-Point DSP Energy Efficiency on Altera 28 nm FPGAs
Mar 2013 331 KB
Backplane Applications with 28 nm FPGAs Dec 2012 1 MB
Delivering the Right Power and Performance for 28 nm High-End FPGAs Dec 2012 427 KB
Extending Transceiver Leadership at 28 nm Oct 2012 839 KB
Meeting the Low Power Imperative at 28 nm Sep 2012 1 MB
Optimize Power and Cost with Altera’s Diversified 28-nm Device Portfolio Sep 2012 421 KB
Reducing Development Time for Advanced Medical Endoscopy Systems with an FPGA-Based Approach Aug 2012 669 KB
Introducing Innovations at 28 nm to Move Beyond Moore’s Law Jun 2012 1 MB
Optimize Motor Control Designs with an Integrated FPGA Design Flow May 2012 811 KB
Implementing Next-Generation Passive Optical Network Designs with FPGAs May 2012 498 KB
Reducing Power Consumption and Increasing Bandwidth on 28-nm FPGAs Mar 2012 2 MB
First Demonstration of Chip-to-Module Electrical Channel Interoperability over OIF CEI-28G-VSR Compliant Links Nov 2011 798 KB
Addressing 100-GbE Line-Card Design Challenges on 28-nm FPGAs Nov 2011 830 KB
FPGA Configuration via Protocol May 2011 814 KB
Accelerating DSP Designs with the Total 28-nm DSP Portfolio May 2011 998 KB
Enabling High-Performance DSP Applications with Stratix V Variable-Precision DSP Blocks May 2011 936 KB
Using Floating-Point FPGAs for DSP in Radar May 2011 1 MB
Overcome Copper Limits with Optical FPGA Interfaces Apr 2011 862 KB
Overcome High-Speed I/O Verification Challenges with Stratix V On-Die Instrumentation Feb 2011 644 KB
Versatile Digital QAM Modulator Dec 2010 553 KB
Fulfilling Technology Needs for 40G–100G Network-Centric Operations and Warfare Sep 2010 562 KB
Implementing FIR Filters and FFTs with 28-nm Variable-Precision DSP Architecture Sep 2010 1 MB
Enhancing Robust SEU Mitigation with 28-nm FPGAs Jul 2010 373 KB
Increasing Design Functionality with Partial and Dynamic Reconfiguration in 28-nm FPGAs Jul 2010 460 KB
Integrating 100-GbE Switching Solutions on 28-nm FPGAs Jul 2010 623 KB
Boosting System Performance with External Memory Solutions Jun 2010 404 KB
Enabling 100-Gbit OTN Muxponder Solutions on 28-nm FPGAs Apr 2010 342 KB