Documentation: Stratix V White Papers

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White Papers
Subscribe Alert Radar Processing: FPGAs or GPUs?May 2013363 KB
Subscribe Alert Real-Time Challenges and Opportunities in SoCsMar 20131 MB
Subscribe Alert Achieving SerDes Interoperability on Altera's 28 nm FPGAs Using Introspect ESP
Mar 20131 MB
Subscribe Alert An Independent Evaluation of Floating-Point DSP Energy Efficiency on Altera 28 nm FPGAs
Mar 2013331 KB
Subscribe Alert Backplane Applications with 28 nm FPGAsDec 20121 MB
Subscribe Alert Delivering the Right Power and Performance for 28 nm High-End FPGAsDec 2012427 KB
Subscribe Alert Extending Transceiver Leadership at 28 nmOct 2012839 KB
Subscribe Alert Meeting the Low Power Imperative at 28 nmSep 20121 MB
Subscribe Alert Optimize Power and Cost with Altera’s Diversified 28-nm Device PortfolioSep 2012421 KB
Subscribe Alert Reducing Development Time for Advanced Medical Endoscopy Systems with an FPGA-Based ApproachAug 2012669 KB
Subscribe Alert Introducing Innovations at 28 nm to Move Beyond Moore’s LawJun 20121 MB
Subscribe Alert Optimize Motor Control Designs with an Integrated FPGA Design FlowMay 2012811 KB
Subscribe Alert Implementing Next-Generation Passive Optical Network Designs with FPGAsMay 2012498 KB
Subscribe Alert Reducing Power Consumption and Increasing Bandwidth on 28-nm FPGAsMar 20122 MB
Subscribe Alert First Demonstration of Chip-to-Module Electrical Channel Interoperability over OIF CEI-28G-VSR Compliant LinksNov 2011798 KB
Subscribe Alert Addressing 100-GbE Line-Card Design Challenges on 28-nm FPGAsNov 2011830 KB
Subscribe Alert FPGA Configuration via ProtocolMay 2011814 KB
Subscribe Alert Accelerating DSP Designs with the Total 28-nm DSP PortfolioMay 2011998 KB
Subscribe Alert Enabling High-Performance DSP Applications with Stratix V Variable-Precision DSP BlocksMay 2011936 KB
Subscribe Alert Using Floating-Point FPGAs for DSP in RadarMay 20111 MB
Subscribe Alert Overcome Copper Limits with Optical FPGA InterfacesApr 2011862 KB
Subscribe Alert Overcome High-Speed I/O Verification Challenges with Stratix V On-Die InstrumentationFeb 2011644 KB
Subscribe Alert Versatile Digital QAM ModulatorDec 2010553 KB
Subscribe Alert Fulfilling Technology Needs for 40G–100G Network-Centric Operations and WarfareSep 2010562 KB
Subscribe Alert Implementing FIR Filters and FFTs with 28-nm Variable-Precision DSP ArchitectureSep 20101 MB
Subscribe Alert Enhancing Robust SEU Mitigation with 28-nm FPGAsJul 2010373 KB
Subscribe Alert Increasing Design Functionality with Partial and Dynamic Reconfiguration in 28-nm FPGAsJul 2010460 KB
Subscribe Alert Integrating 100-GbE Switching Solutions on 28-nm FPGAsJul 2010623 KB
Subscribe Alert Boosting System Performance with External Memory SolutionsJun 2010404 KB
Subscribe Alert Enabling 100-Gbit OTN Muxponder Solutions on 28-nm FPGAsApr 2010342 KB