GEM Precare Industrial IOT Agent and Platform

GEM Enables Industrial IOT Edge Connectivity and Boosts Factory Efficiency

GEM’s edge-retrofit technology allows cost-effective, non-disruptive connection of all existing manufacturing infrastructure and can be incorporated into new equipment installation.  The added diagnostic monitoring and autonomous response capabilities boost factory efficiency, quality, and productivity.

Solution Architecture

Superior Connectivity, Access to Valuable Untapped Real-time Data 

  • Flexible architecture, allows for seamless, fast deployments
  • GEM Agent Connectivity to Any Machine on the Floor
  • Access to Real-time ,True Data
  • Machine optimization via edge data processing
  • Closed loop communication with GEM Platform for Monitoring, Control ,and Analytics

Solution Example: Visualized Factory Floor Analytics

  • Multi-factory Support
  • User friendly Interface
  • Flexible representation framework of each of the machines
  • Complete factory view

Supports FPGAs and Platforms

  • GEM Agent Cross family support
  • Small foot print
  • Customizable design
  • Out of the box key performance indicators included 

Fully Featured, boosting Floor Performance

  • Support for existing & new infrastructure
  • Selected Analytics:
    • Overall Equipment Efficiency:
    • Utilization
    • MTTR
    • MTBF
    • Yield
    • Downtime & Breakdown Analysis
  • Realtime Rule Engine Driven Decisions
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Flexible API to Existing backend
  • Embedded UI Option
  • Wide Connectivity Options
  • Autonomous Operation
  • Non Intrusive to existing operation

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